SO4S will exceed your tutoring expectations. As such, our services are defined by the following service hallmarks:

Flexibility in Time and Location:

We understand that parents and students have busy schedules. We work hard to accommodate your scheduling needs, and we will match you with a tutor who best suits your schedule.  Tutoring can take place in our center, your home, library, community center, or any other desired location. All in-home sessions require the presence of an adult 18 years or older at all times during tutoring sessions.

Frequent Progress Reports:

Communication is critical. We provide frequent reports of your child's status, lesson plans, strengths, weakness, and overall improvement.

Personal Communication:

SO4S Tutoring is a distinguished local company that is professional yet maintains personal long-lasting relationships with our clients. SO4S Directors are dedicated to ensuring that your experience at SO4S Tutoring is positive and rewarding for both you and your children.

You may contact the Executive Director at anytime to discuss your students' sessions. Direct communication is always encouraged between parents and the Executive Director. This allows for any questions, comments or concerns to be addressed.

Extensive and Elite Tutors:

SO4S tutors achieve results! We only select tutors with a passion for learning and the ability to educate and motivate students. Our tutors are extremely knowledgeable in their subject matter and therefore their effectiveness is unmatched.  Our extensive level of tutors is what sets us apart from other tutoring companies. 

Tutoring Integration with Classroom Teaching:

With the parents' permission, our tutors will work with your child's school teachers to address and/or strengthen specific issues. SO4S Directors and Tutors recognize the importance of coordinating our tutoring with your student's classroom curriculum. Therefore, we design our tutoring sessions around classroom lesson plans closely matched to the local education agency. Sessions focus on homework help, developing more effective study skills, and developing a better understanding of subject matter relative to grade level.

Tutoring Special Needs:

SO4S understands that students with learning disabilities face daily classroom challenges. Students with reading problems such as ADD and ADHD learn at a different pace than other students in their classroom. Having tutors on our team who understand these daily challenges is essential to students with learning disabilities. 

Pricing and Rates:

Pricing varies depending on type and extent of tutoring. Please inquire for detailed rates.