Company History

The vision for SO4S Tutoring began in 2009 and officially launched in 2010. The owner has over twenty-four (24) years of experience working with students as a teacher, middle and high school principal, and now as Executive Director of the SO4S Tutoring based in Lakeland, Florida.  During that time, eleven (11) of those years were spent teaching in, coordinating and/or directing after school tutoring programs at schools and private organizations.  SO4S Tutoring was designed to provide students and families with academic support and guidance beyond what is available in local schools.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Educate, Empower, Encourage, and Equip students with the skills, information and habits that are vital in preparing for their success in college, career, family, and community life.  SO4S Tutoring is a company committed to developing students' academic potential by creating a unique and personalized teaching environment.  We promote a learner's intellectual growth by providing a personalized tutoring experience. 

SO4S Tutoring commitment


Our Commitment

SO4S Tutoring is a Polk County, Florida-based company committed to providing the highest level of academic tutoring to all learners.  We personally serve our local communities where we live and raise our families.   We know our schools and curriculum, and exist to provide the most personalized educational services possible.  We understand that tutoring your child isn't just about passing the next test or earning a higher grade.  It's about gaining confidence in academic subjects, developing a greater understanding of complicated content, and improving skills for growth and success as a student.


Good academic tutoring sets your child up to succeed, not only in the subject being tutored, but in all other academic areas as well.  SO4S Tutoring utilizes the most skilled and knowledgeable tutors who deliver a personalized tutoring program for learners of all age groups and ability levels.

Personal and Customized Tutoring

Based on an initial consultation and diagnostic testing, our team will determine your child's strengths and skill gaps and will provide the most effective tutoring program to help improve homework efficiency, test grades, study skills and overall academic status. 

SO4S Edge

In today's highly competitive environment, tutors are used for more than just “catching up.” In fact, they are often used to help learners "get ahead" in school. Parents of high school students often choose supplemental education to give their child a distinct advantage when applying to increasingly competitive colleges. We provide the tools and resources to allow your child to achieve, excel and succeed in their pursuit of higher education.