Satisfaction Guarantee

At SO4S Tutoring, we're committed to providing an outstanding service with a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee.  We guarantee what we are going to do, and then we do what we guarantee!!  We are a results-oriented company!  We are committed to our mission of Educating Empowering, Encouraging, and Equipping students with the necessary information, skills, and habits that will prepare them for success in college, career, family, and community life.  

Successful results start with a plan to achieve those results, which is why we will lay out and guarantee our plan, cost, and time before you enroll. While many other programs only scratch the surface of a student’s underlying issue, we drill down to the foundation and strengthen a student's skill gaps.

We offer a full money back guarantee on any unused tutoring hours for any reason with a two week notice of withdrawal in which case the client is still financially responsible for the sessions that are scheduled for the two weeks following notification of withdrawal.  Alternatively, you may transfer your remaining hours to another tutor. College Consulting and Test Prep packages are not refundable.