Please contact us at (863) 904-5004 so that we may discuss your child's specific needs and provide you with an exceptional tutor. You can also submit an online tutor inquiry form on our website under Contact Us.
At this particular time we service all of Polk County and Tampa and have plans to extend our service into other areas in the near future.
The answer to that question varied from child to child, but we will have a better idea why your child may be struggling or not reaching their potential after we have the results of the Diagnostic Assessment.  Most children have difficulty in school because their academic skills are not at the level that they should be.  Other children may have problems with concentration, confidence, study habits, motivation, or general test-taking skills.  Regardless of why your child is having difficulty in school, SO4S Tutoring's intensive programs are indivividually designed to help your child achieve long-term academic success.
There are a few important differences. First, all of our tutoring is designed for One-on-One instruction.  Another difference is that we follow the student's curriculum from school. Our instructors will work with current classroom material, assist in homework assignments and prepare for upcoming exams. Therefore, what they learn during each tutoring session will be directly applied to their class work. Most importantly, traditional learning centers do not use the same tutor, session to session. Clearly this is a disadvantage for your child; they cannot develop a strong rapport with their tutor if that person is constantly being changed. 
Yes! Our most successful students are those that continue attending during their summer break or off-track periods so that they start off the new school year ahead of their peers rather than forgetting what they learned in the previous grade.  We keep the same schedule year-round.
Our SO4S Director recognizes that a strong relationship and good match between a tutor and student is essential to the effectiveness of each tutoring session. Our expert tutors are highly motivating, personable, well-rounded and skilled in their particular subject matter to create an environment which encourages students to achieve, excel and succeed in their academia. We make every effort to stimulate our students about the learning process; instilling in them a sense of confidence.
This is one of the questions parents ask all the time. SO4S Tutoring  features an intense learning environment with personalized instruction. Our innovative system gives your child far more structured guidance than they will ever receive in a classroom full of children. Many schools provide after-school tutoring or intervention programs for students that are having difficulty in school. Even though these programs are free to families, current research indicates that these programs will not provide you with a permanent solution. While school-based  tutoring may provide your child with short-term help with homework, SO4S Tutoring's intense blended learning approach actually provides your child with a permanent solution and long-term skills that will last a lifetime.
SO4S tutors are carefully chosen because they want to do more than just tutor your child. They share a love for teaching and a commitment to encourage, empower, educate, and equip every student.  All tutors must complete the SO4S training program and are regularly evaluated for quality and consistency.We verify the background, skill level, and credentials all tutors. We also utilize extensive background checks and a check of the National Sexual Offender Registry for the safety of all students and staff.
SO4S’s custom learning experience starts with students taking skills assessment to pinpoint your child’s academic strengths and skill gaps. The results of our assessment allow us to tailor a program specific to those skills that need strengthening. To ensure a true understanding of the material being covered, SO4S tutors use a highly effective method of instruction known as “Mastery Learning”.  With this type of instruction, students are taught to master a skill before they progress to the next one.  This mastery includes working on skills independently to ensure retention. 
We make every attempt to make tutoring as convenient as possible for families.  Therefore, tutoring can take place in any desired, safe location. We tutor in-home, at the public library, schools, religious institutions, coffee shops, etc.  As long as we have an environment that is safe and conducive for learning, the more productive it will be as shown through ease of subject matter and overall grades.
To meet your family’s busy schedule, we offer convenient hours, including after school, evening, and weekend sessions.  The tutoring schedule is determined by the parent and tutor’s schedule.  SO4S Tutoring has tutors available year-round, 7 days a week, for morning, afternoon or evening sessions. We keep ourselves available to work around our clients busy schedules. With that said, hours are often flexible and negotiable.  
We recommend two sessions per week because a student learns best when there is repetition and consistency in the tutoring sessions.  Every SO4S student who increased by 2 or more letter grades in a troubling course used 40 hours or more of services. Consistency counts.  Use twice per week for best results.  
SO4S Tutoring is all about flexibility!!!  Parents can purchase a single tutoring package and use tutoring hours how they see fit.  You can even split up the session time as you prefer.  If  you choose to have both siblings tutored at the same time time, then your rate would change to one of our group rates.
SO4S service contract is designed to describe our services and liabilities. It simply clarifies our attendance and cancellation policy, payment policy, and non-compete policy. Our contract does not require you to purchase a package of sessions or otherwise commit to our tutoring service for a length of time.  Our instructional agreement is written to be flexible in our arrangement with you.  We will help your child for as long as they need assistance. This could be a month or a year, but is flexible because SO4S does not require any long-term contracts.   
Our tutoring rates are highly competitive and have been found to be more affordable than our major competitors. Pricing varies depending on type, location, and extent of tutoring; package discounts are available in most cases. Please inquire for more detailed rates; this all depends on your form of tutoring.  We offer options with amazing terms and ability to pay in 2 or 4 installment payments, in addition to pay-as-you-go option and FINANCING available to those who qualify.
There is a nominal registration fee.
SO4S Tutoring understands that the lives of our clients are quite busy, so cancellations are inevitable. We ask that you kindly give us 24-hour notice of all cancellations and we will work with you to reschedule your appointment. If you cancel with less than 24-hours notice or if your tutor shows up to your home without notice of the cancellation, there will be a full session charge penatly. All cancellation notices must be received in writing via email through the parent portal when canceling an appointment.
It typically takes no more than two weeks to get an ideal tutor match for your child and for the first session to take place.
Yes.  All tutors are rigorously background screened and trained to extremely high standards. Our background checks include fingerprinting and screening through the FBI, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and the National Sexual Offender Registry.  Each SO4S Tutor goes through an interview process and then will undergo a thorough background check plus a screening process verifying academic certification prior to being assigned to any of our students.
Definitely.  With your permission, SO4S will work in partnership with your child’s classroom teacher (and your family) to ensure the progress made at SO4S is also reflected in class work. Classroom teachers play a key role in the outcome of your child’s learning program.
Yes, SO4S does have specialty tutors on our team to accommodate any student with a learning disability. These instructors are limited so please make arrangements as soon as possible to make sure one is available.
YES! We are the only after-school learning center that has a unique system of delivery that helps children increase their concentration, attention span, and focus while strengthening their academic skills. This system of delivery is called blended learning.  Each week, students at our centers increase their concentration and focus while they learn in an environment that is fun, enjoyable, and stress-free. 
We always do our best to find a tutor that fits each student’s unique needs. Many SO4S tutors are members of your own community and teach in the local schools. This means they have an understanding of the local school district's curriculum and can better link the lessons taught through SO4S with what's being taught in school.  The personal attention that our tutors provide helps keep your child focused, engaged, and motivated to learn.  However, if you are not pleased with the expert tutor selected, we will assign a new tutor at your request. We will work with you to obtain an ideal tutor and teaching plan for your child.
Summer enrollment is a very important factor in your child's overall long-term success in our programs. Our research indicates that students who continue their sessions during the summer improve at a much faster rate than those who withdraw for summer vacation. We have compared students who stay and students who leave for the summer and have concluded that a leave of absence during the summer has a negative impact on your child's progress. If you need to take a week or two break for a vacation, we will definitely work around your schedule.
All packaged and non-package sessions are prepaid via credit card, check, or money order.