Well, we know our rates won't make us a fortune and are very low compared to local rates, but our goal is to help families with educational needs and offering low rates is one way of being more accessible to a variety of budgets.  Our rates are based on the number of scheduled hours per week, subject difficulty, and location of tutoring.  Homeschooling rates are based on the number of scheduled hours per week.  More hours = lower rates for tutoring and homeschooling.  Please email or call for our payment options and plans for your specific needs.  Rates are subject to change.


Tutoring and Homework Coaching is tuition-based and is due prior to the start of new tutoring sessions: 

K-5 = $240 per month
6-8 = $280 per month
9-12 = $320 per month
Adult and College = $360 per month
(The above pricing is based on 2 sessions per week for a 4-week month, and occurring at a central location, i.e. public library.  Additional charges apply for sessions occurring one day/week, advanced subjects, and in-home tutoring sessions)

Other Fees:

Test Prep: $55/hour individual tutoring; $400=12 hour weekend course; $700 = 40 hour course

College Entrance Counseling: $150-$600

Test Proctoring: $50 = 2 hours; $60 = 3 hours; $75 = 3 hours

Registration Fee is $85 for one subject and $45 for each additional subject
Registration Fee includes:

1) Assessment

2)Personalized Learning Plan

3) A One-On-One Consultation with the parent
to go over assessment results and discuss remediation
plan and goals



SO4S Tutoring offers a sliding scale fee to eligible families. Eligibility for the sliding fee scale is based on total household income.  Please contact us for more information and an application.



Could you or someone you know use some free tutoring?  SO4S Tutoring appreciates the fact that most of its business comes through referrals from satisfied students and parents. That is why we would like to offer clients a one hour tutoring session free of charge each time they refer a student who enrolls with us and purchase one of our services.  

Here's how it works:

Refer Friends with Freebies:

  1. As an SO4S client, you will receive Freebies (Refer-A-Friend Certificates) in the mail.
  2. Write your name on your Freebies, and hand them out to your friends, neighbors, classmates, or anyone in need of tutoring.  

Refer Friends with Facebook:

  1. Simply post this page on your personal Facebook page.
  2. Sit back and relax as your friends click through to join us!

Refer Friends via Email:

  1. Just email this page to your friends.
  2. Remember to ask them to let us know you referred them!

To avail this free offer, please talk to the Executive Director.


  • When the client you refer completes four (4) paid hours of tutoring with SO4S, you will receive a free hour. You can refer as many friends as you like. Refer ten friends, receive ten free hours! 
  • Either the current customer can identify the family they are referring to us, or the new customer can identify the source of the referral.
  • Referral credit will be applied at the beginning of the first billing cycle of the new customer.
  • To receive any referral credit, the referring customer's account must be current and in good standing.
  • There is no limit on the number of referral credits a customer can earn. If a customer has successfully made more than one referral in a month, the balance of credits will be applied in subsequent monthly billing.